The Housekeep story

The home cleaning industry wasn’t working.

You might find a good cleaner - if you got lucky through a neighbour or a local website. 你可以打扫你的房子,但你必须记住取出现金,把钥匙交给一个陌生人保管. And cleaners could find work – but they had to 旅行 all over the place and hope they’d get paid on time.


Our management team has over 50 years’ experience building fast-growing consumer businesses. 我们参与了英国一些最令人兴奋的初创公司, including Deliveroo, Zipcar, Laundrapp and Utility Warehouse. 如果某样东西没有它本可以的那么好,我们就会改进它. If it’s glitchy, we fix it. If the industry’s wrong, we make it right.

We’ve combined smart people with smarter tech to help 客户 find a brilliant local cleaner. We help them manage every part of the process seamlessly – from click, to clean, to cashless payment. And we help cleaners find work, 少花点时间在不同的工作之间,按时拿到工资, 每一次.

在英国一些最好的投资者的支持下, 我们已经迅速成长为英国最大的家庭清洁服务公司. Now our mission is to ‘own the home’ and become the trusted provider for all household chores. We’re now helping 客户 find the perfect tradesperson for any job in their home including plumbers, 电工, gardeners and handypeople.

We make housework work.

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